Lawson James is the new independent business intelligence consultancy brought to you by the founders of Insolytics. 

After years of developing and delivering insolvency business intelligence solutions, we have noticed several trends emerging. Many insolvency practices are at risk of losing strategic opportunities and wasting non-billable hours. The missed opportunity typically occurs when people are unable to access or interact with their business-critical data. We built Lawson James to help solve this problem. 

The truth is that most Insolvency practices already have much of the data they need to gain a competitive advantage in the market place. This data, can, however, be challenging to access with computer systems that cannot communicate with one another. Practices also often struggle to interpret this data quickly because of the limitations of the systems they have. 

As the creators of Insolytics, our business intelligence expertise and industry insight place us in an ideal position to provide your business with expert, impartial advice and development services. We can help you unlock your existing data to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.  

we specialise in: 

  • Creating a secure dashboard for all your business-critical data at the touch of a button. 
  • Developing solutions for the high end of the enterprise market as well as small, fixed-priced projects. 
  • Developing bespoke applications such as portals to communicate with stakeholders and automatically create documents at the touch of a button. 

Thank you to all our supporters and subscribers to the Insolytics league table and our “Insolytics 360” data platform.  

Even though the league table is on a hiatus, as a gesture of recognition and thanks, we are currently offering a free and confidential initial consultation to insolvency practices. Call us today to find out how we can make your data work harder for you

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