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We are very proud to present our online platform, Insolytics 360. Insolytics 360 is the only UK based online platform to provide a complete analysis of the entire insolvency industry at the click of a button. Insolytics 360 is fully customizable and interactive and contains eight separate data areas including national league tables, local practice analysis, individual practitioner analysis and practice growth analysis. Our unique charge holder referral data also enables users to understand general trends in relationships between charge holders and referral partners.

Insolytics 360 Benefits

Add credibility to marketing and increase appointments

We know of no other online service that provides, an objective and independent measure, of your local and national appointments, available in real time. Demonstrate your expertise to potential clients and referrers by logging into our online platform and allow them to see your appointments at a local and national level. Take the data from our spreadsheet to create graphs and visual data for your company literature, from a truly trusted and independent source

Plan growth and expansion

Our League Table enables you to search for every CVL, MVL and administration appointment conducted by any business in any region at any time of the working day. To develop effective commercial strategy, you need to understand where potential growth areas and threats may lay. This instant 360 degree perspective provides you with the advantage you need to plan growth with pin-point accuracy and mitigate risk.

Develop your most valuable business relationships

Our charge holder referral data identifies the charge holders for insolvent businesses and reveals general trends in who those charge holders are most likely to be referring their clients too. Understand which charge holders are referring to which businesses. Actively nurture your most valuable business relationships. Better business relationships lead to greater referrals, greater growth and better strategy.

Expert technical support and advice

Insolytics 360 is an online platform and hosted entirely on our website. No additional software training or security is needed in order to access it. Insolytics 360 is intuitively designed and therefore created for all employees to use. For each subscription, we provide unlimited use, during office hours, on any of your organisation’s computers and we offer same working day, expert technical support, over the phone as standard. If you are unsure or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer as many questions as you have.

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Practice Analysis

Practice Analysis allows the user to see all appointment types for 2016 and 2017 for any insolvency practice in England Scotland or Wales. The bar chart on the left shows each of the insolvency practices in England Scotland and Wales. The user can click on the bar of any individual practice to find out how many appointments that practice has performed. Alternatively, users can select several practices or all practices to compare as many or as few appointment counts, as they like, simultaneously. Users can also select individual regions they may be interested in, for example, if they select “Essex” from the area menu and the CVL appointment type and the year 2016 they will only be provided with the practices that have performed CVL’s within Essex in 2016.


Regional Analysis

This table is fully customisable and interactive and provides a very rich analysis. This table shows which practice(s) have performed which appointment type(s) in which area(s) in which year(s). This tool can, therefore, provide data at both a national and local level. For example, it can be used to show all ADM’s CVL’s and MVL’s across England, Scotland and Wales for the ten largest insolvency firms in the country, but it can also be used to show how many CVL’s the forty-eight largest firm performed in Derby in 2016. This table can, therefore, be customised to provide a huge level of insight. More details and a demonstration can be found in the video below.

Industry Analysis

The Industry Analysis table demonstrates which industries are generally using insolvency services. The table is fully interactive and customisable and can show how many appointments have been performed for each industry in each geographical area in 2016 and or 2017. The larger the block, the greater the number of appointments in that industry. For example, a user could search for all CVL’s and MVL’s in the East Midlands and West Midlands in 2016 and 2017 and the results would show you which industries had the most CVL’s and MVL’s in both regions together for 2016 and 2017.

Company Age Analysis

The company age analysis shows the average age, in years, of a company at the time an Insolvency Practitioner was appointed. This table is fully interactive and customisable and can be filtered using appointment year, appointment area, notice type and company type. It can be used to look at a single or multiple insolvency practices at the same time.

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Insolvency Practitioner Analysis

The Insolvency Practitioner analysis table enables users to track the work of individual Insolvency Practitioners. The table is fully interactive and customisable. This tool will allow users to see exactly how many ADM, CVL and MVL appointments each insolvency practitioner in England Scotland or Wales has dealt with, in addition to their overall annual performance for 2016 and 2017 and can also reveal which Insolvency Practice they were working at, at the time of the appointment.

Charge Holder Analysis

The Charge Holder Analysis table reveals the identity of each charge holder for each appointment. This table is designed to demonstrate general relationships and referral trends between charge holders and individual practices. Results can be filtered to show different charge holder status, area and notice types. For example, the table could be used to show how many ADM referrals HSBC have made to practices based in London

Insolvency Practice Growth Analysis

The Practice Growth Analysis tool enables users to track any insolvency practice in England, Scotland or Wales to see if practices are in general growth or decline in any appointment type. The data available compares appointment counts from 2016 and 2017. The table is interactive and customisable and can be used to view different appointment types and areas for each practice. For example, a user could find out whether or not the tenth largest insolvency firm had growth in ADM and MVL appointment count in Manchester in 2017 compared to 2016.

Fully Dynamic National and Regional League Table

The Fully Dynamic National and Regional League is fully customisable and interactive and is designed to reveal individual appointment counts for each appointment type for each month for each region and area for each insolvency practice. A brand new table can be created in seconds to provide the user with the exact information they need. For example, a user could create a customised league table showing ADM counts for the thirty largest insolvency practices in March 2016 and then seconds later, create another table showing all appointment types, nationally for the two smallest firms in 2016 and 2017.



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