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We offer data and analytics consultancy with a range of services designed to help you reduce costs, unlock the value of your data and simplify your data storage and communication.

Our Services

Whatever support you need to better understand and leverage data in your organization, we can help. We offer a range of consultancy services

Data Visualistion

You might store more data than you know what to do with and be unaware of the value of this existing data. Visualization technologies have the capabilities to allow you to unlock the strategic value held in your data, and better understand and represent the data that you already have access too.


Our entire Insolytics technical infrastructure is stored in the cloud, which offers outstanding cost effectiveness and guaranteed up-time. Utilising cloud infrastructure can reduce cost significantly.


If you have a number of different business systems, then you may struggle to get a single reporting solution across all of them. If this is the case, we can help you integrate the data held in various systems to provide simplified and streamlined reports.


Tool Selection

There are hundreds of data and analytics tools on the market – navigating the market can be difficult and time consuming. We can work with you to help you select the product that meets your business goals, with your budget in mind.


Data Strategy

Some clients simply want some time with us to build a data strategy. We can work with you to assess how your organization currently works with data, what improvements could be made and develop a strategy document to enable you to do this.

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a database built for reporting, and allows data from numerous systems to be stored in the same place. If your team spends days producing reports, a data warehouse could prove to be a fantastic return on investment.

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Our Process

Every client is unique, though we have found that this process delivers outstanding return on investment.

1. Enquiry

Give us a call or reach out on our contact page. We’ll take the time to listen to find out how we can best help you. Wherever you need support in the end-to-end delivery of your data strategy, we can help.

2. Visit

If you are happy that we can support your goals, we will arrange a convenient time to visit your office. This will help us to create a detailed proposal for how we can improve your data operations.

3. Roadmap

With our industry leading professionals in the data and analytics space, we will develop a plan that will get you from where you are today to where you need to be. This will be fully documented.

4. Delivery

This is where we put your strategy into action. We can provide support in any number of areas across your business, and this is the part of the process where we deliver the agreed strategy.

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