About us

We are proud to be independent. We are owned and run entirely by data professionals. We know from our years of experience that good data can make the difference between business success and failure within the insolvency industry, and we know which solutions work and which don’t. We love data and our independent status means that we can pick and choose which materials and software we work with. Put simply, if we don’t believe in it, we don’t sell it

Leadership Team

Sarah James

Marketing and Communications Director
Sarah has a background in digital marketing, with a particular specialism with social media. Sarah has worked with law firms, and SME businesses to help them understand their marketing goals and to help deliver them. Sarah joined Insolytics in 2016, and has helped to significantly expand the reach of the Insolytics brand.

David Lawson

Chief Technology Officer
David is the technical lead at Insolytics. He is responsible for the design of new products, maintaining and upgrading existing solutions as well as leading our consultancy team. David has over a decade’s experience delivering best in class analytics solutions to blue chip clients.

About Insolytics

After working for several years as data experts within insolvency, we came together and realised that something was missing. Something vital. Industry leaders were having to make business decisions without access to the data they needed.

We asked why was this the case and why did it have to be so?

As we looked for answers we found solutions in our data expertise. Then we got creative, experimenting with a variety of formats and types of data to develop the most accurate and relevant information in the most accessible format possible.

Our league tables were born. We received hundreds of weekly visits to the league table pages and were inundated with queries and requests. It became clear that industry leaders were using our data; not only to make business decisions but also to help generate business with potential clients by demonstrating their dominance within the market.

In a nutshell, we love data. It is what we do and it’s what we know best. working with data problems for several years within the insolvency industry has helped us to understand the unique problems our clients are facing. Our technical knowledge and expertise enable us to experiment and present this data in the most useful and cost effective format. We know data, we know insolvency and we understand the data issues you are facing.

Data is the future. We continually strive to find valuable, high quality, accessible data to enable our customers to make better-informed business decisions. If you feel that you have a data need or insight that you would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact us below. We love to learn and we’d love to hear from you.

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